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We are Isistren, a female reggae band, whose love for reggae music, Rastafari, and Jah reigns high in our world.   We’ve been playing for almost ten years and experienced the trials and tribulations of playing in a band.

Here is a little biographical intro to the band:

Maria Carolina Bowen

Maria Carolina Bowen sings lead and back-up vocals and also plays percussion and keyboards.  A busy mother, wife, and court interpreter, she also occasionally practices IET and other shamanic work.


Anne Marie Pizarro

Anne Marie Pizarro sings back-up and occasionally, lead vocals and plays keyboard, melodica and flute.  She is a mother,holistic practitioner/entrepreneur, nurse,  writer and community tribe builder.


Kim Broesche

Kim Broesche, aka Luna, is the original bass player for Isistren, returning after many years of  being absent. She is a mother, artist, entrepreneur and holistic healer.

Drummie Sue

Lori Sue Hale, aka Drummie Sue, is the drummer for Isistren. She is also a mother, baker, artist and entrepreneur.

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